Cymatic (Wave Form) Organ
6 Channel Audio Installation
speakers, water, arduino, processing, chuck, audio interface
dimensions variable

Speakers are suspended and filled with water. Speakers emit a frequency based on user-interaction that results in a visual and interactive display of vibrations. Each speaker is waterproofed, facing upward, and filled with water. Speakers are fitted with individual sensors, allowing viewers to interact with the emitted frequency as they would a Theramin. Multiple speakers are suspended at various heights throughout the space, operating as generative musical instruments. Synth and software created with Arduino, Processing and ChucK.

Three distinct vibrations are present: light waves, sound waves, and the physical vibration of water.

Each speaker vibrates with tones that vibrating the water visually in geometric cymatic patterns. The tones are synthesized in real time, and vary in pitch depending on user interaction.

Installation PDF