projection sculpture
concrete, plaster, multiuple projectors, computer, custom software
12’ x 3.5’ x 3.5’
2 channel projection
Site Specific, New Dehli
In collaboration with Vishal K. Dar

Release - New Delhi, 2012

When artists, Vishal K Dar and Gabriel L Dunne, presented their work in a small space in Mehrauli, on the fringe of the community’s development, the children of this neighborhood had immediately made up their minds about the creature’s true nature and the reasons for its appearance. To them it was a wish fulfilling sea-serpent, silent and evocative, which had found abode in this unused space to hibernate during the cold winter months of Delhi.

Interestingly, we found how myths originate in such communities that are untouched by contemporary art and technology. Their chancing upon an object that is beyond comprehension, allows them to put their faith in notions of folk-lore and myth making.

Vishal K Dar / Gabriel L Dunne wanted to challenge the notion of sculpture as a static object. Their organic sculptural form has its roots in CAD software and is further skinned with a generative algorithm. Different parts of the sculpture move differently, as if a form had coiled onto itself. The viewer is liberated since the sculpture does not rely on prescribed grammar and the experience helps resolve a paradigm shift in our viewing registers.

The sculptural form wraps itself around an existing architectural column. The surface texture is similar in material and color to that of the existing walls. During the day it appears to be sedentary, but after sun down, the surface starts to glimmer and move. The projected animations are mapped onto the surface from two positions, covering a 360 degree viewing angle. The projections move in tandem with the surface segments, creating a mesmerizing rhythm.

Mehrauli, South-West district of Delhi

NAAG Z - Mumbai 2015

Gabriel Dunne gabrieldunne.com
Vishal K Dar vishalkdar.com

4’ x 4’ x 14’
Plaster of Paris, EPS Foam, Steel, Custom Software, Computer, Projectors
Mumbai, 2015

NAAG XY - San Francisco, 2015

Gabriel Dunne gabrieldunne.com
Vishal K Dar vishalkdar.com
EPS foam, plaster of paris, custom software, multiple projectors, computer
14’ x 8’ x 4’



NEAT: New Experiments in Art and Technology
Contemporary Jewish Museum, San Francisco
Oct 15, 2015 – Jan 17, 2016

more info: http://www.thecjm.org/on-view/currently/neat-new-experiments-in-art-and-technology/about

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