projection sculpture
7’ x 7’ x 8”
Wood, Fabric, Java/Processing, Ableton Live, Max/MSP

A one dimensional visualization of the universe represented as varying length of vibration and time cycles. concentric rings representing lengths of time oscillate between the age of the universe, planck time, and the current moment.


the central point of a circle is the beginning of a one-dimensional universal construct. the steps involved in creating any circle is a metaphor for the ongoing creating process itself. anywhere you place a center you can radiate a circle and symbolically create the space of the universe. a true point is impossible to create, having no dimension. consider the center point of monad as the current consciousness of the present moment, and the edge of the circle as an infinite expansion of the universe.

natures forms are represented to us by invisible forces that make them visible. these forces are vibratory cycles that oscillate through all matter. as we explore frequencies of vibration on a universal scale, we are metaphorically repeating the principal of the Monad: the opening of light, space, and time in all directions.

cycles are the core principal of the universe, and are all pervasive. we are thoroughly enmeshed in cycles and the periodic rhythms, which span the frequencies of space and time, are of only the most obvious on a daily basis: our sleep patterns, the weather, the seasons, sunrise, sunset, the rising and falling of emotion. On a larger magnitude: the age of our bodies, the rise and decline of species, the life cycle of stars. On a smaller, our breathing rate, our heart rate, the audio spectrum of music, speaking, the visible light spectrum, radio waves, cosmic rays, and ultimately the smallest measurable amount of time we can comprehend, described as Planck time. The appearance of the entire world and all existence with its natural and technological cycles are rooted in the archetypal, cyclical sinusoidal principals of the monad.


each ring that moves across the surface represents a length of a time cycle. as they bass by, audible ticks are heard. higher pitched, rapid clicks count the current order of magnitude, ranging from 10^-18 to 10^-43. When passing the visual spectrum, it is show as color, while passing the audible spectrum, frequencies of the chakras are heard.

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