Twilight Engines with artist Vishal K Dar is a part of an ambitious global project: Edge of See. The app activates a series of site-specific sculptures that push our senses of vision, scale, motion, and time. Dar brings his primary question — What is the edge of sight? — to the abandoned structures of the Marin Headlands, using technology to overlay former military batteries with these “engines”. The app augments the disconnect between the site’s past and present to insert sculptural experiences that change the way the viewer sees, thinks about, and relates to the location. Moving through the liminal spaces of military sites and screen, Dar’s “engines” unlock a world of other realities.

Created by Okaynokay (Gabriel Dunne & Ryan Alexander)

Site-Specific AR activated sites and sculptures at the Marin Headlands



Image credits: © Copyright 2019 Vishal K Dar, Okaynokay