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Nicole Aptekar
Ryan Alexander
Harvey Moon
Gabriel Dunne
Mike Jacobs


meta (a) pertaining to or noting an abstract, high-level analysis or commentary, especially one that consciously references something of its own type.

flux (n) continuous change, passage, or movement

Framing understanding through routines and systems, Metaflux is a body of procedure-oriented artworks based on system-focused approaches and integrations. The processes examined by the artists featured in Metaflux are intrinsic to navigating shifts and changes by establishing routines and frameworks. The artifacts of these personal frameworks, as well as the frameworks themselves, represent the efforts to create reliable variables and constructs in a life defined by constant transition and flux.


Public Opening September 22nd, 3-8pm

Upcoming dates
Saturday, Nov 10th, 2p - 5:00pm (open hours)
Saturday, Nov 17th, 2p - 5:00pm (closing reception)

Additional visiting hours available by appointment through Nov 17th. Email studio@gabrieldunne.com to set up appointment


1410 62nd St, Emeryville, CA 94608
(second floor, buzz ‘Gabriel Dunne Studio’ from the callbox up the ramp to the right of the 1410 address)


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My work harnesses basic shapes from the digital world, reifying them in physical reality to expand the liminal space between. Through a wide range of techniques ranging from custom software crafted for each piece to careful composition and contemporary CNC fabrication methods, my process itself continuously evolves in order to realize complex and graceful forms in our tangible reality. I am fascinated by the transitionary state humanity has found itself in, where the boundaries of digital and physical, virtual and real, having only just been established, are almost immediately washing away. My work lives on this tenuous divide, confusing the notion of a render and a photo, handmade and computer-fabricated.



The work presented here is an attempt to move past doubts about the value in personal artistic practice. An excuse to enjoy the process of discovering pleasing aesthetic forms.


The result of several nights spent in VR sketching human-sized gestures. These models were exported, stylized and rendered from several viewpoints in multiple colored markers.


Experiments with rendering shaded forms with a single line, or two interfering lines. These spirals were created in the online code sketching environment sketch.paperjs.org and rendered in several types of pen and marker.



This work is always in progress. During the duration of the exhibition the machine will produce a new drawing each week. The drawings are informed by live data transmitted remotely from the artist. The works will reveal an iterative process of production. The generative drawings are an artifact of the artistic practice and experimentation. Each week when a new drawing is started it will be altered and informed by the previ ous piece. This work intends to reveal the constantly evolving modes of artistic practice. The collaboration between the artistic intention and the robotic output is revealed by this series of unique drawings.

Harvey Moon is a new media artist and a creator of tools and machines. His work centers around the ways technology mediates our perception of the world. Technology has always been used to extend our abilities beyond our human potential. With this inspiration, Moon creates custom software, electronics or kinetic systems to produce new and unique works of art.



By trade, I am a software designer and programmer, where I take care in designing technology with precise functionality for specific needs. As an artist — practicing in imagery, sound, and interaction — I am compelled to break out of these rigid relationships with our technologies, repurpose them to do things for which they were not designed, and find beauty in their limitations and failures. Along with this playful disrespect, my process utilizes chance, generative systems, and shoddily constructed custom software and hardware as a way to arrive at unexpected outcomes, which I then curate, or use as starting points to build into final pieces.



My work for METAFLUX represents a view into my continuous investigations of visual, audible, and physical frequencies of natural and technological perceptual and imperceptible realities. Through my work I am exploring a cosmotechnical approach of pythagorean axioms that can harmonize beauty, wisdom, and truth through resonance, geometry, celestial mechanics in an effort to establish metaphysical methodologies for understanding form, shape, function, materiality, and ephemerality. I work with various methods of sculpture, photogrammetry, and traditional and mechanical drawing and painting, which represent my meditations and explorations of the perceivable and imperceivable natures of the universe.