A CGI + motion-control visual effect that creates the illusion of an environment folding into itself like a popup book. Created with Motion Theory, Los Angeles.

“It Consolidates”

The effect was developed for a single scene in a Hewllet Packard commercial “It Consolidates”. A messy office appears to fold up like a pop-up book.

Role: Visual Effect Designer, Animation

Beck “Girl”

Role: Asst. Visual Effects Director, Rigging, Animation

The music video for Beck’s “Girl” featured entire scenes folding up like a popup book, transforming their meaning an resulting in visual ironies throughout the story. The music video is an homage to Al Jaffee’s “Fold In” art at the back of the classic MAD Magazine,

Foldong shelves in pharmacy with physically simulated bottle falling animation

Living Room fold scene, featured on television with Al Jaffee “commercial” gag

Pinatas scene clean plate

Pinatas scene render plate

Graphic Design for “folding map” gag

Copyright © 2005 Motion Theory

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Fold Tests, Contepts, and Sketches

four-way fold concept art

four-way fold concept art