Visual Performer: Gabriel Dunne, Music Performer: Chris Carlson @ CCRMA Modulations 2012


this visual set was based on live-coding experiments with non-periodic tiling patterns. I’m still fascinated with the forms. Towards the end of the night I started using color.

visual software created with: audio-shadertoy

for this setup, the live audio was analyzed by ChucK through the built-in mic on my macbook air. the ChucK script routes osc to Node, and the client receives via web sockets.

because osx-style full-screen multi-monitor support is completely broken in OSX Lion, we couldn’t use chrome. so we stripped out all the chrome-only webaudioapi stuff, and replaced it with an osc receiver. This allowed us to analyze the audio with an external interface and use any browser that supports webgl canvas, and does multi-monitory fullscreen correctly on osx. we ended up using firefox.

live-audio branch with float-sliders ui [warning:totally hacky] : http://github.com/quilime/audio-shadertoy/tree/live-audio-ff-datgui